Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Author Interview: Lara Chapman

Big thanks to Lara Chapman, author of Flawless, for letting me host an interview with her!  You can see my review here!  Here it is:

What was the hardest thing for you to write?  Was it the characters?  The plot?  Something else, maybe?
Plot is normally the most difficult piece for me, despite the fact I spend a crazy amount of time plotting the story before putting a single word on the page.  The easiest thing for me to write in FLAWLESS was the characters.  I know Sarah… and I have some tremendously strong women in my life that were easy reference for Sarah’s fortitude.  I also have two of the best best friends ever, so it was easy for me to know how Sarah would respond to Kristen’s cry for help even if it meant passing up the guy of her dreams. 

What was your inspiration for writing FLAWLESS?
Friendship!  True friends have such a tremendous impact on our lives.  Those lifelong friendships will survive all the other drama in your life – parents, school, boyfriends.  I’ve had the same best friends for thirty years and they’ve pulled me through the highest highs and the lowest lows... from the birth of my children to the death of my mother.  I can’t – for one single second – imagine my life without them. 

Did you have a favourite character to write about?
Anything with Kristin was a blast for me!  I love that, even though she appears perfect in so many ways, she’s insecure about herself just like the rest of us. 

Did you expect FLAWLESS to end the way it did, or did it change as you went along?
Great question…. because I plot so thoroughly, I definitely knew how the story would end.  What I didn't realize was how much Sarah really needed to grow and accept about herself before she could tell Kristen and Rock how she really felt. 

Describe your writing in three words.
Witty, realistic, and relatable… (I hope!) 

Are there any books that you are excited to read this year? 
Way too many to list them all!  I’m touring Texas in May for a series of seven booksignings, so at the top of my list are my tour partners’ books!  Check them out at www.chillsandthrillsteenbooktour.wordpress.com.  I also look forward to reading UNFORSAKEN by Sophie Littlefield.  She’s one of my favorites!  I keep a list of books I’ve read on my webpage – I hope you’ll check it out!  www.larachapman.com

If you haven't read Flawless, then I suggest you read it now! 

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  1. Awesome interview! Wow, that's so interesting how she knew how the story would end, but she realized that Sarah had to grow so much more still. I love her inspiration for writing Flawless!


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