Review Policy

I have been receiving quite few emails recently about review requests, so I thought I should put this up.

What I will accept are most Young Adult books; fantasy or contemporary are both great.  I will sometimes agree to a request for a sci-fi novel, but only certain ones so I apologize if I say no.  However, I won't accept:
-Adult books
-Self published

The formats I accept are: finished books, ARCs and eBooks.  If possible, if you want to send me an eBook, it would work out best if I could get it in a .mobi file for the Kindle, but PDFs are fine, too.

I'm always honest when I write my reviews, and even when I didn't enjoy the book particularly I try to put one positive comment up at least, and I will still recommend it to my readers, as everyone has slightly different tastes in books. My reviews normally talk mostly about the characters, plot, writing, and sometimes the setting.  There will occasionally be other things mentioned.

I'm sorry if I have to say no to your request. Thank you so much for your consideration!

If you find that this would work for your review request, you can email me athenareader(at)gmail(dot)com.