Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Truth about Forever

The Truth about Forever

My rating 5/5
Summary (from Goodreads):  Sixteen-year-old Macy Queen is looking forward to a long, boring summer. Her boyfriend is going away. She's stuck with a dull-as-dishwater job at the library. And she'll spend all of her free time studying for the SATs or grieving silently with her mother over her father's recent unexpected death. But everything changes when Macy is corralled into helping out at one of her mother's open house events, and she meets the chaotic Wish Catering crew. Before long, Macy joins the Wish team. She loves everything about the work and the people. But the best thing about Wish is Wes—artistic, insightful, and understanding Wes—who gets Macy to look at life in a whole new way, and really start living it.

My review:

As a general rule, I don't read books without some sort of vampire, or witch, or angel, or fallen angel, or werewolf, or anything else like that.  This, though, was an exception.

I was sad at first; how horrible would it be to lose your father at such a young age?  But, of course, the book got better, starting with the Wish team.  I loved them so much!  The word they used to describe Delia, the head of the Wish crew, was 'frazzled', and that totally described her.  She never quite knew what she was doing, so their job normally ended up in complete and utter chaos, with about five things (not good things), at the very least, going on all the time.

I loved Wes!  He was a fun, nice character to read about.  I liked the twist with the Truth-telling, that was quite interesting and quirky!  I liked the game he and his brother Bert had going on.  The game was that they would jump out at each other and try and make the other scream.  I laughed every time that happened!

All in all, I loved the characters, the plot, and the ending, so I would definitely recommend The Truth about Forever to everyone!


  1. This seems like quite a departure for you - I'm glad you enjoyed reading something somewhat different!

  2. OMG I sooo wanna read this now. I've just started reading Sarah Dessen's like, 2 months back or something and have read Someone Like You, That Summer, This Lullaby, Just Listen and Lock and Key. I was thinking of which one to read next and I think that this is the one! thanx for the amazing review! and btw thanx for dropping by my blog as well :)

    Rabiah @ Confessions of a Readaholic


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